Called Mike at Peak Wildlife Solutions and he came right over. Did an investigation in an extremely hot attic and took a captured raccoon back to the woods. Reasonable rates and helpful information.

He was fantastic! Cleaned our gutters and made sure they drained well afterwards. Definitely recommend Mike!!

Mike went out of his way to fit me in at the end of his day on short notice. Not only was he thorough and professional, his charges were very reasonable and he provided insight and advice to help me with my pest problem in the future. I would highly recommend Peak Wildlife as a trusted and skilled service provider.

Mike recently provided us service and he very quickly and effectively addressed our animal control issues. I highly recommend him.

He is reasonably priced, responsive, punctual, and very easy to work with. The first time around, I made the mistake of using a large corporate-driven animal control company. Won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to day, that was a huge mistake and I learned the hard way.

Thanks to Mike, this story has a great ending, Thank you, Mike….you are the best!

Mike was so great. He was so reasonable and knowledgeable and was able to block up all entry points around my home and in my crawl space. He even checked my attic and crawlspace and was able to get rid of some critters for me. Super friendly and available, can’t recommend enough.

Mike far exceeded our expectations. We had suspected bats in the attic. Even with an atypical contemporary style home attic area he was thorough in his inspection. He found where there was good reason to believe they got in (but couldn’t get back out and perished unfortunately). He sealed up the entry points which included climbing our very steep roof. Removed the deceased bats and pointed out some other pest issues we never knew we had up there. His work was thorough, timely, and priced amazingly well. For reference two other animal removal companies started rattling off numbers in the thousands before they even knew what the situation was. Mike’s approach was “Let me take a look so I know what’s going on before we even get that far” which I appreciate more than you can imagine. No offense to Mike, I hope we never need his type of services again but if we do he will be first one to call.